Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Incoming mail from UK, Russia, Ireland, Taiwan and Mexico.

Hello my dear people, how are you? After a long time, I'm here again, I'm really sorry for the absence but my mind was so insane in this time... Anyway, I think any penpaler could agree with me, it's sad to know that there are beautiful letters in your way and simply get lost in the nothingness ... :( I'm a little depressed about it more than anything, and that's why I haven't sent anything lately, although well I have many letters to answer, and if you're one of those beautiful people waiting for my reply, I sent a apology, and promise when you receive my letter will be lovely... :)
But the mail that I received was really lovely, the first one is from Savannah in UK, I miss this girl a while ^^ She made super cute notebook ^^ sent some sheets, stickers and a tea stamp (no pic) ^^ thank you dear! 
The other weird thing that happened me... I received this letter after four months of waiting... I dunno how I have to feel about this, because I'm really glad that didn't get lost forever, but I'm upset because took four months to arrive so! That gives hope to everybody to receive their lost letters some day... :D thank you so much Victoria for your beautifull christmas letter  :D
 A postcard from Ireland, you know how much I love the lighthouses... ^^ thank you Momka!
 This postcard comes from Taipei... I love this kind of illustrations... Thank you Mei-Ching
 And the last one is from Curious in Mexico :) thank you so much for the stationery!

All my mail, and some others postcards (no pic) :) thank you for give me a comment here! See you soon, xxx, ely.


  1. UFFF! 8D no se perdió! Puedo respirar tranquila again XD hace mucho que no envío una carta nacional sin registrar y estaba nerviosa pero quise confiar jaja, más aún que al último momento recordé que no le puse mi dirección por ningún lado XD pero que bueno que llegó sana y salva (/ °3°)/

    Que mal que las cartas se pierden, da mucho coraje y desepción ;n; te entiendo~

  2. Hello Elizabeth!
    How are you doing?
    Looks like you haven't received my letter yet :( I sent it on March 20th, i hope it finds its way to you soon!
    Have a good day! ^_^

  3. Wow really amazing fun sweet lovely mail for you.

  4. La postal de Taipei es preciosísima^_^ Últimamente me ha dado por las postales de ilustraciones, ahha! Qué tal va tu mes de Mayo? :)


  5. Bonitas cosas Ely, ya quiero que mi carta te llegue y más aún obtener tu respuesta :)

  6. What an amazing mail week, Ely! I still haven't gotten around in writing/making you a reply.. I'm sorry, hectic times!

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  8. todo lindísimo, Ely! en cuanto a mí, sé que te debo respuesta, teneme un pelín de paciencia please!! te mando un beso!!

  9. Hello :) This bunny is very cute! This is a beautiful card.

  10. Very creative blog with such a beautiful postcards :)

  11. Penpaling is so amazing! if you still look for penpals let me know then!

  12. Penmailing i love it, beautiful letters i have a penmail 2, maybe you want to write with me? !

    have a lovely weekend there!

  13. Hello Elly, finally I managed to visit your page again :) Wow, that piece of mail from Russia had been traveling for 4 months...o.0 But it's worth of it, the card is beautiful :D

  14. Hola Ely, que tal??!!
    No deberías estar triste porque las cartas se pierdan, tal vez tarden mas en llegar, como esa de Rusia :)
    Conozco un caso de una chica que recibió una carta un año después de que se la enviaran XD

  15. Wat leuk. Ik heb binnenkort een snailmail actie. Misschien leuk om mee te doen.