Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello YOU!

I want to apologize to all my penpals and blog readers, for not writing anything in a long time, but I'm a really mess in my whole life. Fortunately this semester at school is over and my summer holidays started today, which means mail and Mexico City!

I just wanted to give them signs that I'm still alive, I'll hope recover from this horrible delay I have with you as soon as possible, I leave one of my final assignments, the topic was: ME.
xxxx, ely.


  1. No problem :) I still hope that you'll send reply to me! I'll glad :)

  2. What a gorgeous illustration! Don't worry Ely, I'm sure all your readers will understand this :) Enjoy your holidays!

  3. adoro la ilustración y es maravilloso tenerte nuevamente por aquí, seguro que todos te extrañaban tanto como yo. Un beso Ely...

  4. No problem !! ^^ Good Luck!

  5. super cute! MAIL MAIL n more mail!!! I have to upload tons of fotos too im really behind he he

    enjoy your summer break

  6. Great illustration Ely! Enjoy your summer and freedom (from school tasks :) ).