Saturday, April 27, 2013

Queretaro's haul!

Ohh, Happy weekend to everyone, I'm so happy with this week because it was so productive in school and other stuff... I want to show you what I bought from Queretaro! Most of the stuff are for my penpals of course :D I have a lot of letters to send, I'm kinda sad because this week I only received one letter, a letter that I thought it was lost, arrived yesterday after four months waiting!  
Anyway here are this famous girls, everyone wants one! Sadly they were bought for special people! :(
Inside the congress I found this amazing notebook, so cheap and really beautiful for my personal souvenirs!   
"Viajando sobre sueños que me permiten conocerme y reconocerme, rascándome los miedos, haciéndolos polvo."
 A ton of stickers... I just can't leave it!!
Random stuff... Flowers, postcards, a little notebook...
Random postcards, at the congress everyone wants to give you a postcard as a gift! :D Great, I have a many penpals who loves postcards!
And the best ones... this postcards was from the amazing colorful shop... I'm in love with this!...
I hope you like everything and if you know how I'm, maybe you know that's something in your way! ;)
love love love from mexico, ely.


  1. Que cositas más lindas :D que bueno es irnos de viaje y llegar cargados de cosas. Las libretas que te compraste son fabulosas y los stickers y postales súper chulos y coloridos.

  2. Esos stickers random lucen super mega osom!! *v*

  3. Wow!! All the items are so beautiful....My favorite ones are the postcards and dolls.

  4. qué cosas tan divinas Ely!!!

  5. Qué adorable todo ^_^ Las postales y las muñequitas, qué lindas :) Qué guay ir a un congreso que te den postales bonitas gratis (si lo sé, cojo un avión y voy XDDDDDD)

    Que pases un buen fin de Abril ;)

  6. wheee I'm jealous... great stuff you bought. muy lindo <3

  7. The stickers are wonderful! I like big stickers :)

  8. Snail mail ♥. Great collection !

  9. I like this set of stickers. They are totally awesome : )