Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lets Travel: Queretaro, México.

Hello there! As I said yesterday finally I can have the photos in my computer, so here we go...
I think the pictures say more than thousand words... I'm in love with the colors, the food is awesome, the architecture is beautiful, the souvenirs have a special part of the people who made them, the flowers are lovely and the weather is great...
Maybe you know many of the things I'll show you of my country, and they are real! Here in Meixco we use them for decorate houses, shops and streets...
This is the official flower of Día de Muertos, called Cempazuchitl, have a peculiar smell...
And yes, that's my big head...
After a long trip, we went to drink Cafe de Olla and Pan Dulce... and the other thing is where Tortillas lives! :3
Food: Enchiladas Verdes with Frijoles Negros...
That's my chubby mexican bag... <3

And these little girls are part of the fabulous haul that I bought for my penpals... I'll post it soon.
Hope you enjoy the photos, I was never in that city before and I'm really in love with it, also the strong part was the Congress, but I don't want bored you with that stuff, just with the beauty part of this...
Is this way how you imagine Mexico? 
have a nice week! lots of love, ely!


  1. Me encantó el viaje, las fotos, el colorido, la comida se me antojó, sobre todo ese pan dulce jejeje... Besos :D

    1. Riquisimo Gina! Mis fotos se quedaron cortas, ese lugar es tan colorido que me fascino!

  2. It looks great! Looks like you had a really nice trip :).
    It definitely looks like how I imagine Mexico; real colorful and sunny/warm looking!

  3. El café de olla es una delicia de la vida! *-* ya se me antojó!

    1. Ohh ni me digas que nadamas de acordarme quiero correr por otra ronda!

  4. I love this post, it's so colorful!
    Mexico is such a lively country :)

    1. It is Sara! I really enjoy travel around México, so much to see in every state!

  5. Your photos capture the spirit of Queretaro, the wonderful city where I am privileged to live six months of each year.

  6. cool! :)
    nice pictures;)