Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Travel!

Hello people!! I been absent for a while, I know, the reason: I went to a really fun trip with my friends, some of you know Andy (Musberina) and Julio, we go everywhere together!... This time we went to a Design Congress  in Queretaro México, we had a really nice time...

I had never been to that city before and it was very nice for me to see so much culture and traditions of my country together!... even in Mexico City I didnt experienced so much color... but I'll stop talking ... unfortunately been impossible have the photographs in my computer that I have taken of this beautiful city, will be a short post, for now... hoping to do it soon ... 

I have this picture taken by my friend Julio at right, then that's me in the middle and in the left Andy... We are just chill in a really lovely square...

P.S. I haven't forgotten you, I'm full of souvenirs that I brought from there to all my penpals! 
xxxx, ely.


  1. Aw Ely, I hope to see some more pictures soon! Glad to hear you had a lovely time there :) xx

  2. Me encantará ver más fotos y conocer más de Querétaro :D por cierto, justo hoy llegó tu carta. Adoré el dibujo :D graciassssss, muah.