Saturday, April 13, 2013

Incoming mail from Poland and Netherlands + Postcard Album

Hello my dears! I want to started to talk about some changes in my blog, the pink started to be a little annoying for me, so I give a revolution to this, and buah-lah! :) I like who I see now.. what did you think? 
Weeeeell, my mail was soooo lazy this week, I received two letters the last day, wonderful letters! 
This one comes from Esmeralda in Netherlands, she found me in Sendsomething but sadly she dont gave me her address to sent my letter in her way so I'll hope she contact me soon...
Esmeralda read about my obsession with stickers and postcards, and sent me this... Cuuuute!
The other one comes from Ania in Poland, she sent me a lovely drawing, a postcard and a super sweet letter, I'll to answer you soon sweetie!
My postcard collection is too small in my own opinion, but my mother doesn't agree with me... the fact that those beautifull postcards not fit on my wall anymore, doesnt mean that my collection is big! Anyway, I bought this ugly album in a flea market and I put a nice cover... sadly not fit all in the small album so I need another...  
Hope you having a nice weekend, I'm still waiting for a couple of delayed letters, crossing my fingers to arrives soon! :) Please take care, and see you soon, xxx, ely.


  1. Lovely mail as always. I especially like that envelope drawing, it's very nice.

  2. I´m happy that you received my letter:D

  3. With send something if you type their name in search it comes up and you can get her address that way.

    Did you not receive a postcard from me for make my day?

  4. A postcard collection can never get too big! Never! ;)

  5. Wow, ése dibujo está muy muy bien hecho! Y estoy en desacuerdo con tu mamá, una colección de postales nunca es demasiado grande! XD Hahaha~~ Todas las que se ven son muy bonitas :D Espero que estés pasando un feliz Marzo! Qué tal el tiempo por México?

    Un beso ^_^ Claudia

  6. oh.. where is my mail:C?

    nice received things!