Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Incoming mail from Singapore, UK, Mexico, Finland, Indonesia, Austria, Germany and Portugal!

Hello my deaars! This week I received a lot of beautifull letters from all over the world, starting for this one from Singapore who arrived today,The first one get lost, :( so after going to the post office I found this in front my door today... an amazing parcel from Joycelyn!
Some days ago I received this letter from Ana in Portugal, she added some stamps to my collection, and the stamp in the envelope its so great!
Another letter from my Grandpa in Germany, he sent me a envelope with four german postcards. I love the second one and my grandpa of course... :D
This was a direct swap from Postcrossing, Nena in Austria, we according with me swap 15 stamps... and here's what she sent me...
Two postcards that I received from Postcrossing too, Indonesia and Finland with that wonderful stamp of Aurora Borealis.
 I received this beauty letter from Natalia, she lives in Mexico too, and sent me a lovely letter with some ephemera stuff... cute!
 And my last letter is from Antonia in UK, my last letter from Correspondence Club... was a amazing experiencie be part of that group but I cant be anymore, so this is my last letter,Provably I'll going to answer this letter to Antonia because she its so sweet! And sent me a super fancy label, some clips, a telegram, the smallest letter that I ever received... :3
Super happy mail! Thank you to all the people who sent me a letter, because makes my days so happy!
See you! and happy week, xxx ely.


  1. Wooooo glad it arrived to you safely. Anyway this is the second mail. I guess the first one is lost. ):

  2. Such lovely and sweet mail!! :-)

  3. Wooooo lots of mail goodness. I am sorry I haven't been in touch.
    Been really sick and a death in the family(that's 2 this year)--sad
    I hope to write you soon.
    love Ria

  4. wow so much really amazing good great cool fun mail.