Sunday, March 3, 2013

Incoming mail from UK, Spain, Mexico, Germany, China and Thailand

Hello guys, how are you the last week? My week was so cool, I received a lot of postcards from diferent places, and I feel guilty because I dont write any reply, but tomorrow maybe I'll do! :) well, I'll stop talking and more mail to show! 
I received all this lovely postcards of people from Postcrossing, swaps and penpals. I really love that cards, needless to say  of the Waldo's postcard, Ibiza and Barcelona Spain, so beautiful!
Then I received this letter from Curious. She sent me some memo papers, and stickers :3 so kawaii!
 This morning I received this envelope from My Grandpa in Germany with four amazing Castles, I'm in love with those postcards.
 Antonia my lovely partner from C.Club sent me this bunch of used stamps! Thank you so much, I'll write your the next week dear! :)
Simple and cute mail of the last week! :) I hope you enjoy a lot your weekend! 
xxxooo, ely.


  1. Oooh, you did receive some amazing cards and letters! :)

  2. Las postales de los castillos son maravillosas y todas las cositas que Curious te mandó también :D

  3. So glad my letter reached you! \0/

    Antonia :-)