Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Outgoing mail!

Hello guys! How are you? I want to show you some things ^^! Yesterday I spent my time making this little kind of book or scrapbook! :) I sent it out today, hope arrives soon to her destination. what you think? :) do you want one!? :3

 after so long of no post any outgoing mail, finally today I went to the postoffice :) 
 Sent to Belgium, USA, Poland, Egypt and Spain 
Happy mail week everyone!
xxxx, ely


  1. Yay, your post looks so colorful! Can't wait to receive your reply :)

  2. Very pretty mail! So happy and full of colors :)

  3. maravilloso :D necesito que mi correo te llegue urgente, pues muero por leerte otra vez ^.^

  4. Wow, so much lovely mail! The scrapbook is a great idea, it looks really nice :D

  5. Que suerte! Una cartita para mi! :)
    Muy lindo el mini scrapbook!
    Un beso!

  6. Qué mono todo ^_^ No me canso de decir que eres toda una artista! <3

    Un beso y que pases un feliz Marzo :D