Sunday, February 24, 2013

Instagram II and blablabla :D

Hello dears!  It's a very hot sunday today :(, I hate when my weekend go too fast! I spent my time writing letters, I have a bunch to reply, so I decided not request for more penpals, because I dont have time! Maybe in my summer holidays I can request for two or three more! :)
I want to show you my recent activity on instagram if you dont follow me, the link is on the slidebar!
This little girl is me, drawing by Julio, one of my best friends in school; and she really looks like me ._. no kidding!
The other one, is one of my stories, I had like two weeks writing about a cat with a narwhale.
 They are my two cats <3
 As some of you know, I'm started a new collection, I want to do a scrapbook with a lot of dried Flowers, leaves and feathers; I asked some of my penpals to send me flowers from where they live, spring is comming!! If you want to send me some of your favorite flowers, you're welcome! :)
The next one is this little guy with arms, is my lovely cactus, I have him since I started my career, since he was a little ball of thorns and he was grew up in a nice way, and he looks happy every morning.
and this, is the best part of my postcard wall! :)
Hope you enjoy the next week a lot, Im so happy because my "bored school season" is over on monday! :) I'll hope be more happy in the next module. :) happy mail week too, lots of love and crossed fingers to my package from Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt‏ arrieve soon to my hands! 


  1. Love your cats and your posts! Has my Correspondence Club letter arrived? I posted it 2 weeks ago. Have a good week! :-)


    1. thank you antonia, I still waiting your letter, I hope arrives soon! :)

    2. Me too - still waiting for yours! Hopefully we'll have better luck in March! :-)


    3. Ely! An update - your letter arrived this morning, YAY!!! Thank you so much! It's beautiful, and I love the goodies. :D I'll be writing to you again soon!


  2. Your cats are beautiful. They look so dignified:)
    Today I got your letter. Thank you so much! I'll write you back soon.