Friday, February 1, 2013

Incoming mail from, Germany, India, USA, Russia, Canada and UK.

Hello my dear readers! How are you finish this week? I have a really bussy day tomorrow, I'll going to a factory and then to send some mail and after that, I'll going to an exposition called; Scriptum, the Art of Write. Sounds cool!
Well here is my incoming of this week and the last one. :)

I received this awesome gift from a Grandpa in Germany who asked me through Postcrossing if I'm interested about have vintage stamps, I say yes! of course, who could say no... so, I waited some weeks and reached to my mailbox a letter with two postcards and this awesome collection of stamps, are like 50 stamps from Roma, Mongolia, Tanzania, Russia, India, Republica da Guine and others.  
This comes from Heila in Germany, nothing makes me more happy than see a Where's Waldo Postcard on my mail... *-* I love it!!
This is a Christmas card from Amit in India... I love the stamps in the envelope, isn't it cute? Thank you so much Amit, I write a letter for you this week!
Also I received some postcards from the Grandpa in Germany, Victoria in Russia and Curious from her holidays in NY.
This is a special letter from Mary in USA, I enjoy a lot reading her achievements in 2012... Inspired me so much to do the same in this year! Thank you Mary!
I received this reply from my pen pal, Theresa in USA, also she sent me a christmas tree with a lovely letter.
This is an awesome Christmas card from Savannah, she have a really good kind to drawing anime... and this is pure art! I completely in love with this gift from her, also Tomorrow I'll send a vintage letter for you savannah!  
  And the last one is from Felicia in Canada, she sent me a Christmas Card with some advices to put order into my room, I needed put atention to my stuff in the floor before I die one of this days! Thank you so much Felicia!
That's all!
Hope you enjoy your weekend going out with friends, eating ice cream and answering letters! Thank you so much to new followers, I love all your comments! Lots of love from Mexico, ely.


  1. Envié cuatro postales a Mexico y la tuya es la primera que ha llegado! Oh my god XD

  2. Lovely mail! Disfruta del finde! Recibiste mi carta ya?

  3. no problem! I like your blog;) I have a question:) : you sent/received postcard from postcrossing? or another website;)?

  4. Hey, I also have Waldo-postcards, do you want to swap?`:)