Saturday, February 2, 2013

Instagram and Songs

Hello dears, this time I want to show you some of my Instagram, are photos that I love. If you like this and u don't follow me in Instagram, my link is on my slidebar; @ely_murguia.  :)

The vintage letter was in a weird exibition, talking about a Life of a women... just weird and beautiful. And that bunny, as you know yina sent me that card and is one of my fave. The cupcake is a school snack... yummy.
  The last days I started (again) to painting on my Moleskine... just random stuff.
This are my fave stickers... from "La Feria del Libro" also they had a weird and embarrassing stories :)
Sometimes, my penpals often send me tiny and lovely things... makes me feel so happy...
I'm obsessed with these girls the last weeks, I hope you can hear them because they are wonderful.

Lots of love from Mexico, xxx,ely.


  1. What a wonderful post :) So many little things making me smile here :)

  2. PS este videoclip de The Staves está magnífico!!! (Winter Trees con el búho/jirafa/...) :)

    1. Personalmente me encanta el diseño de la liebre, es todo lindo :D

  3. Wauw, je bent zo creatief ! mooi hoor

  4. beautiful pictures like always :D

  5. The staves are ace! They never fail to give me the chills..
    Awesome mail as well!