Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My bag :))

hey hey!! :) how are you guys? I hope starting the week in the best way with no complications. Mine are so calm in school and home, I have some free time for draw, making letters, and shopping art supplies <3... also I have time to see some movies and TV at morning :))) I could be happy forever in this way!
Well I have some incoming mail to show you but the photos are not ready yet, so I'm here to show you What's in my bag. Personaly I love this post, and I enjoy a lot seeing your bags/purses with a lot of awesome things inside (super cute stuff)!  

No more to say! Happy mail week everyone and What's in your bag!?
xxoo, ely.


  1. I have been considering doing a "whats in my bag?" post, but Really all I ever carry is pencils and sketchbooks! :D Nice collection of things by the way!

  2. Aww llevas pinta uñas en el bolso? :D Yo con lo patosa que soy ya se hubieran abierto dentro XDDD~ Los M&M's son indispensables, sí señor! Yo los tengo en mi habitación cuando me viene un ataque de hambre XD Típicas cositas lindas de una artista ^_^

    Un beso, espero que te llegue mi postal pronto y verla por aquí :D