Saturday, January 26, 2013

Outgoing mail!

Finally after some weeks without outgoing mail , I can write some replies, Some I have already sent and others are in process ended. I sent this two vintage letters to some special people...
This packages to USA... 
 some letters to Poland, USA, Rep, Dominicana, Germany and México.
 Italy, USA and UK.

I've been a little lost in my mail, but that does not mean that I dont miss you, I intend to complete various projects I have in mind and start many others I would love to share with you. Have super nice weekend.
xxooo, ely.


  1. Lovely! I wonder if mine is there... :)

  2. Love the stamps in the second picture!

  3. I already told you on instagram, but I love those round stickers! Not to mention the paper origami bow, so cute! *_*
    I can't wait to know more about your projects :3 and YAY for a letter for me <3 xx

  4. Boo no letter from me yet? what about the postcard I sent from my trip to France?

  5. I hope my letter arrives soon! And wow, you sent out a lot to be 'lost in your mail'. I'm sure it will work out fine! Have a great weekend :) x!

  6. I love the buttons you included in one of the packages! I collect postcards, am obsessed with anything paper and am trying to start my own snail mail project next month! I just stumbled over your blog and I'm so glad I did! You are so inspiring! Can't wait to see what packages you send next! :D

    Your Newest Follower,

  7. I love to write letters. I have also a snail mail project. It is unfortunate that people don't write letters anymore.