Monday, January 7, 2013

Lots of Incoming mail from UK, USA, Lithuania, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan and India.

I arrived from my fabulous new year trip, hoping to enjoy my last week of vacations, doing what I like, draw, read, watch movies and send mail. I have many letters to reply. When I got home, I found a bunch of beautiful letters to read! At last came the letters that I expected and some more that didn't really expect.
Fabulous! ^^ I'm really happy with all the goodies that I recieved!  Definitely I start the year with a very beautiful correspondence from fabulous people of wonderful places. 

The first one is from Savannah in England. Its task 4 from Lovely Letters, anyway we will going be penpals now, I prepare some special for you, I'll going to send it when your next letter arrive savannah! Thank you so much, I love the necklace it's too cute! she has a etsy shop!
Next letter is from Mary in USA, this christmas card its one of my fave, I love it!
Then I got this letter from Moni in Lithuania! A birthday gift! This necklace its really cute! isn't it? thank you so much Moni! I hope my letter arrive soon!
This letter is from Sarah in Belgium :) I love the stationery and the little card that she sent me! 
After two months I recieved finally the first letter from Laura in Canada, we have a serious problems with the letters... never arrived or arrived a half... but finally! I'll reply you soon Laura! and thank you soo much for the goodies, awesome! ^^
This letter is this from Sara Maia in Portugal... I love the stickers and her typography!
And some postcards form Postcrossing and SendSomething ^^ of USA, Russia and Taiwan.
I recieved too my Gift that I won in Amit's blog! He sent a lovely extra, a package with five amazing postcards! Thank you so much Amit! I'll going to write you soon!
This one it's my Correspondance Club of November! Kaitlyn sent me a computer decal, some stickers and 4 Paul Frank pins!
And this one are some goodies that I bought in Mexico city, I'm obsessed with sketchbooks and I bought this one in a Mexican coffee shop, Cielito Querido.
happy mail week!! 
lots of love, ely.


  1. WHEW! When the letter didn't arrive for the longest time, I kept thinking, "We just can't have worse luck, could we?!" But apparently our luck has turned! WOO HOO! :)

  2. Glad that birthday gift eventually reached you :) I already thought that it disappeared

  3. Great Incoming Mail!!!!! I am glad that you got my card set.

  4. Beautiful mail, as usual! But I'm very sad to see my package hasn't arrived yet, and it's almost two months ç_ç I'm going to write you another letter soon, just in case :C <3

  5. You have some nice incomings. And the goodies you bought in Mexico City are so cute:) I hope that you will receive my letter soon.

  6. ohhh me encanta las cosas que compraste :D maravilloso, mmm... como ansío que llegue mi carta ya *.*

  7. Beautiful mail and gifts, as always!:D

  8. Coming home to mail after being away is always so much fun.