Saturday, January 12, 2013

Incoming mail from USA, Italy and Japan!

Hi you, how are you? I hope really good, my week passed so fast, more than I would like I think, on monday I go back to school, its always the same. Anyway, I start to miss my school mates u.u well this is what I received the last days. 

This is from my new penpal, Mayra from USA... ohhh I really love to see kawai incomings, they are so cute, isn't it? *-* she sent some extra stationery and stickers... all those in a beauty handmade envelope. Thank you mayra! 

Then I received the long awaited Italian package, finally I got this from Fab, we are in panic because we thought was lost. took a while and arrived on friday. She send me a lot a beauty stuff! And a birthday card. thank you Fab, I always liked to receive letters from you.

Also I received postcards from a private swap in USA and Japan.
And this is from my dear friend Crystal in USA. It's a super cute christmas card... *-* I love it!
It's all from me.
Lots of love and happy weekend, xxooo, ely


  1. Qué lindo todo haha, qué suerte que tus penpals te envien cositas tan adorables <3 Y si, la Catedral del Mar es increíblemente bonita y majestuosa, hay una sensación de paz inCreíble al entrar, tenía miedo de sacar las fotos por el CLICK CLICK de obturador que resonaba XD

    He visto que fue tu cumple hace no mucho, así que feliz cumpleaños atrasado, Eli ^_^ Espero que pasases un muy buen día! <3

  2. Aws, esa última tarjetita es monísima >v<

  3. I can't even tell you how happy I was that my package got you safely! It took like 2 months, but at least you have it now ^_^ Can't wait to hear back from you <3 xx

  4. Your blog is even cuter! ^.^ Such lovely mail!

  5. Qué lindoooooo... Oh y finalmente, he enviado tu carta!! :-)