Thursday, December 6, 2012

Incoming mail from USA, China and Germany.

Hello you! Here is my incoming mail, they got to my home in wensday!
This is from Mary in USA, I love all the random stuff that she sent me... and the little bunny in the envelope looks adorable... thank you so much mary, I'll reply you soon!

This letter from China, with a guy, they wanted to make a direct swap from Postcrossing, I love those huge stamps that he sent me! *-* 
  And the last one is from Caddy in Germany! I love the homemade envelope with that beauty stamp! ^^ Also she write me in Spanish, I really enjoy reading her letters, I'll reply you soon Caddy!
And the extra picture, are some christmas postcards and my actual notebook, this was send by Kaitlyn of CClub, I just add some stickers that I bought in Mexico City, they are of "Cafe con Leche", and a random shop in "La feria del libro" an amazing place!


  1. Great mail! I love all of the goodies you got! !

  2. I wonder, has my letter arrived yet?

  3. Boo when will my letters arrive? >n< Anyway great mail, I love everything that guy from China sent you *_* the stamps are awesome!

  4. Me encanta tu blog, siempre es divertido pasarse por aquí. Ya he respondido tu correo :D

  5. Hi! I was wondering i if perhaps you might be interested in a new pal? My name is Kendra, I'm a 21 year old female from California, and I'm super quirky! :)

    my email:

    (personal email. :) )

  6. Your mailbox certainly had a happy week!

    I love those huge Chinese stamps, and the homemade envelopes from Caddy and Mary are beautiful :)

  7. Qué bonito el sobre hecho a mano, ojalá yo fuera tan buena en ésto hahaha XD Debería practicar más. Cómo se plantea la Navidad allí en México? Me pregunto cómo lo celebraréis, estaré atenta al blog ^_^ Hehe~

    Besos desde España! <3