Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas mail.

Hello my dears! :) here is me, with my outgoing mail today, I been busy busy with school, but  having time to make my mail for you, just more christmas cards! :)
Tis time for USA, Estonia, Lithuania and México.
I leave you some photos of my instagram.


  1. ASDFGASDFG!! *explota* espero que ora si llegue :ʹD muero de emociòn~

  2. love ur lil toon!! :) te voy a mandar un email...si quieres ser nuevas amigas...


  3. Hey Ely! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! So cool to get a comment from you! YAY! I've been really busy lately and guess what it snowed today here in scotland! Its freaking COLD! Brrrrr! good luck with your studies. Your artwork is awesome! xxx <3 A-M