Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yay Christmas Tree :)

Hey! I still here! This time comes my christmas tree, as you know I love this holidays, makes me happy and all that little lights in the tree makes my home shine! ^^ and I love that! So I want to show you some of my favorite trimmings of my awkward tree. ^^ 

Welll Claudia ask me how I celebrate the christmas and I think, equal as all the people in the world. I mean diner at december 24 with family, and at 12 o'clock all give us presents and then open it. :) 
Here in Mexico the people has a beautiful Tradition to make "Posadas" here in my neighborhood nobody makes Posadas anymore  :( but in the south the people make it! I mean a traditional Posada, with Piñatas, prayers, candy bags, candles and a dinner for the people who go to their homes. All the neighbors organized "las posadas" home to home, and the "peregrinos" go to all the homes in the neighborhood, blessing the next year for that family. They start in december 16, when It supose that Maria and Jose start to ask for a house to sleep, or "posada" as traditionaly they said it. :) I say this because I love  piñatas and candy bags. 

and yes! here is my tree...

nice week to everyone and, show me what's in your Christmas tree!!??


  1. Lovely Christmas tree! I wonder what's going to be there in my Christmas tree this year because I haven't put it yet.

  2. que bonito :) yo también planifico subir fotos de mi arbolito muy pronto :)

  3. It's very beautiful and fabulous Christmas tree!:D

    I should decorate my Christmas tree carefully, since I have 3 cats and they don't hesitate to investigate new things at home...:)))