Saturday, November 17, 2012

Incoming mail from Japan, UK and USA

Hello my readers!! This post is for show what I got the last friday! :) I'm so happy because I already sent my Advent Calendar Sawp and when I come to home, my postman gave me three beautifull letters ^^ 

One of them is from Aya in Japan! I really love this letter because had a lot of pretty things inside, a beautiful Friendship bird and halloween stickers!! Also, She has a beautiful handwriting, I loved read her letter!! 
 Then this is my task 2 from Savannah in England ^^ I'll reply you soon in task 4 :):)
 And finally I got this pakcage from Ria in USA, I don't  know anything about this but was a beautifull surprise for me received this halloween socks! and I love it! Thank you so much Ria ^^ I'll reply you this awesome gift!
Well it's all! ^^ I hope you are fine, enjoying your weekend so much as me! 
xxxooo, ely.


  1. I'm sending out your task 4 tommorrow! showed it on my blog, hehe <3
    I'm so jealous of your penpal in Japan! I've always wanted one~

  2. I've noticed my pals from Japan always have the neatest handwriting! I'm so jealous. :x

    Are you still looking for new pen pals? If I am not too old for you, I'd love to write to you -- you can check out my blog to see my mail. ^_^

  3. You got lovely mail! I love the Winnie the Pooh sticker flakes!

  4. Lovely mail :) Isn't it fun, finding beautiful postal treasures in your mailbox? :)