Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello you!! ^^

I post a lot this days ^^ maybe because I miss that! So this time I want to invite u, to participate in the contest giveaway from Ria, it's so easy and funny! If you want! here is the link ^^ 

Finally I sent my Advent Calendar Swap to UK!! I really enjoyed collect as many little presents as I could! I cannot wait to got mine! ^^ I hope lauren likes all of the box that I painted for her! 

:My brother took this picture of my messy desk and me in another world... ^^
happy weekend for u... xxo, ely.

P.S. New Christmas layout! I know, isn't it looks like Christmas but whatever!


  1. I love looking at your blog every morning it always brings a smile.
    I am glad you are participating in the advent calendar swap.
    Have fun and I hope you enjoy everything your partner sends.
    best wishes

  2. Ese moño está lindo! X3 *megusta*
    “but whatever“ XD jajaja!

  3. Me encanta tu escritorio!
    Tu cartita aún no me llega, espero que no se pierda en el camino!