Sunday, November 18, 2012

Workspace and bag II

Seeing my old post I saw one that I love and it's "Workspace and bag!" So I decided take some photos to show my current chaos! ^^ All here is just where I live, where I doing my usual life, and what I carry with me in every moment! 
P.S. sorry about low quality of some photos, I dont have an excuse for that, just my horrible way to take it  :c
My bag...
 My desk...
 and my Walls
and tell me, what's in your bag and room!? :D
xxoo, ely.


  1. It looks wonderful and i have something similiar to you, the wall of postcards. except mine doesn't look half as good...
    you've inspired me to show you my wall and workspace. photos on my blog soon.

  2. I love your's really colorful and great.I wish I could have a postcard wall of that kind.

  3. Super alegre, Ely! y seguro nadie repara en la calidad de las fotos!

  4. So jealous of your desk and your wall!

  5. OMG me encanta todo, tu habitación es lindísima, y tu pared llena de postales aún más ^_^ Qué envidia, yo algún día también haré algo parecido :D

    Saludos desde España, Barcelona :D

  6. Great post and pictures. I might do one soon! Thanks for inspiring me, :-)