Thursday, November 15, 2012

Incoming Mail from USA, India, Italy, Russia, Germany and UK.

Hello everyone! How are you these days? My week is so weird and creepy, between school, bed and sickness... I'm okay... :) I saw a lot of new inspiring pics in internet... I want to do a lot, but I'm in bed... :C so sad! I get better soon or that's what I said the last days ^^ The christmas hollidays are so close! I'm so exited about my christmas tree, gifts, and mail! (and of course my birthday!!) Well this post is about my recently incoming mail not about my misfortunes, anyway!  

First! I received my package from Correspondance Club! ^^ I love it! My partner Kaitlyn sent me two coffee pens, a sketchbook, halloween pretzels and a awesome Card... ^^ yay! 
Some weeks ago I got a letter from Amit in India :) I love read her letter because he has an awesome handwriting! Of course I reply him as son as I could... I hope my letter arrive to him this days!
I got some postcards too from Fab in Italy, Kate in Russia, Stefanie in Germany and awesome handmade card from Ria in USA.
And finally I got my letter from Lovely Letters my partner Savannah sent me a letter, stickers and her business card, all in a vintage envelope, I love it!
Well I think it is all for now! :) maybe tomorrow I'll scape to the mail office (crossed fingers) I hope you're fine!!
Take care, ely.


  1. Awwws recuperate prontito UvU/ *estrujos*
    Oh vaya que si tiene una hermosa letra esa nena! *v*

  2. Aww I'm so glad you got my letter! <3

  3. Ahahah, i sent you that postcard in August! It surely took its time to reach you xD glad it eventually did tho! I love love love Amit's letter, I aggree on its beautiful handwriting :) xx