Friday, September 28, 2012

Outgoing, incoming mail and random stuff!

This week was soo mad for me! My brother get married and I have to make a lot of things about that! I cannot reply all my letters but I do the best as I can! By the way, in school they try to murder me with thousands of works! What is happening with this world!?  ñ.ñ okay I try to calm down and take a coffe, just for this night... I need to stay awake! Okay I said so much, makes me mad! ^^ Lets start with this...  

The first letter coming from Crystal in USA ^^ I love when her letters arrive to me because she use Hello Kitty stationery always and I love it, it's so adorable! 

 Theeen my package from CorrespondanceClub arrived today! Yay, I'm super excited when I seen the acorns ^^ Ohhh its so cute! and sent me too a beautiful handmade earrings <3 Thank you so much Ashlie!

The letter who Elisse sent me finally arrived! <3 I really love all what she made! ( and it's a vintage postcard! ^^) I really love it!

This letters is my outgoing mail to David in Polonia, Sara in Portugal, Felicia and Laura in Canada. I hope to arrive soon.

And this stuff Is what I do in my free time! I found Crafting Cube! Well I'm in love... ^^
And of course, I made a lot of stickers... Yes! I'm obsessed! ^^ Maybe I send all of them in my next letters to my pen pals!!

well it's all from me, good luck, and happy mail week!!


  1. The acorns are so cute! And those little owls, haha! Yay, I'm glad my letter finally made it :D Y siiii, me gusta una respuesta rápida :) Ya estoy curiosa!

  2. Oh, I hope your letter arrives this time! Consider me on the look out for it! :)

  3. hola Eli!!
    No me olvido de ti, he tenido unas semanas dificiles, prometo escribir prontito y contarte todo.
    Un besote!

  4. I'm glad you had a really nice mail week, I've had one letter this week so I have no inspiration to reply to my pen pals >,<

  5. Wonderful mail week! And oh, so many stickers! :D How do you make them?

  6. Hey lovely,
    Thanks for the comment. Sorry I didn't receive the mail :-( Maybe we could try again with writing :-) I'd like that! Do you still have my address if you're interested?
    Lou xo