Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mail from Finland, Canada, USA, Poland and Portugal.

Hello my lovely readers ^^ Today I'll finally post something as this week and half of the past did not receive anything until today! :( and arived a bunch of postcards and letters ^^ well this is what I have...
 Yay! ^^ I receive this from Elija, Blue, Riitta and Dhayne. ^^ Thank you for this adoorable postcards, and the best, they have a beautiful stamps (no picture, sorry!! >.<) 
  Then I received a Letters from my penpals, Dawid in Poland and Sara in Portugal! I love what they send ^^  just more postcards to my big collection, I admit it is very large, so that I no longer fit on my wall. but anyway I really love see postcards into envelopes ^^
xxoo, happy mail week!


  1. looovely mail! The postcard from USA is the one I like most ^_^
    I'm sending your letter tomorrow, finally! YAY! Hope you'll like the drawing :) xx

  2. Beautiful postcards and I wish you could have shown us the beautiful stamps as well.
    I have sent your letter 3 days ago and hopefully you will get it soon.

  3. Wow, lots of nice mails!!! :) I esp. love the one from Portugal!

  4. I love hopping over at your blog even more with your new layout. It seems like it keeps getting prettier every time I visit your blog, haha. Lovely mail, as always!

  5. nice stuff...so u have a pal in my country...may b she lives in my city too...eheheh
    i'm also so very into snail mail penpalling, btw!
    :) nice blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh Poland!:)

    I live in centra Poland^^