Friday, October 5, 2012

October letters!

Hello everyone, Yay I'm super excited, october is here, finally I'm so happy with the weather!!!
 I have a few things to share with you!

First! is this awesome postcard who I received from Postcrossing, a few months ago I share this like one of my favorites and Wilma saw it! So she sent me that postcard, I cannot stop to see it, and  added too some stamps... <3 omg she is AWESOME!

 Then I received this lovely long letter from Sarah in Belgium, she added a Postcard of a Church where she married a year ago, and use super cute Stationery! ^^

This days arrived three Postcards from Japan, Estonia and Spain.. ^^

On Saturday it was my brother's wedding (she's not me)... was really awesome and beautiful! and yes! the Bridal Bouquet it's mine... weird isn't it?

It's all guys, how is your mail week??
xxoo ely ^^

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