Thursday, March 7, 2013

PROJECT: Secret penpal scavenger hunt 2

Hello guys! Today I received my Package from this awesome project, my partner is Alex from USA, She sent me an awesome package full of lovely stuff. Here what it contains!
 Something that represents you.
She sent me a book because loves read, and a tattoo magazine and a comic book. 
The City Explorer's Kit
with a map, postcards, a keychain, a thimble, and photos of horse statues around her city.
 A mix CD
with her favorite songs 
Vintage gifts!
My favorite part of the package is this, because I asking for vintage stuff and she sent me 3 vintage dessert cards, postcards, a lovely porcelain box and a photo holder.
Something with animal(s) on it
I love that cat!!
Something you can wear;
She sent me a couple of vintage earrings.
A baggie with a bunch of stickers, and a bag of her fave incenses when I opened the package a really good smell went out of the box!
I love everything, and I'm glad that my package arrived, today I'll going out of the city for some days, so, Its a good fact that arrives before I leave :) I hope mine reaches to my partner soon. Thank you Fab for make this project, and I really want to be part of the next ones. All my love from Mexico, and see you soon! xxx, ely.

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  1. cuantas cosas Ely, imagino la alegría de recibir ¨tamaño¨ de paquete :D por cierto, te he nominado a Best Blog :D