Thursday, March 14, 2013

Instagram III

Hi guys! How are you the last days, I'm so happy to show you my recently activity on instagram, now I dont have outgoing mail, maybe tomorrow! I'm writing, traveling and eating a lot of new stuff!  I'm proving new things, I try new design, new drawings, new styles. Always is better a change the routine for a while. Dont you think?
I introduce you to Romulo, my new friend and a buttom that I sent the last week, maybe one of my favorites!
 :) this is one of the photos that I took in Mexico City. Great stories!
Here is an exposition about what happen in Mexico this days, mad and sad.
My new breakfast, I try 7 Blossoms tea, its so good I have to say.
See you soon, have a great time. xxx, ely.
P.S. Happy Birthday to Fab.


  1. Something arrived in the mail today!!! Yes, that awesome owl button!! I LOVE IT! Tu amigo Romulu me parece robusto, pero inocente :-) Es muy mono! Y no sé qué pasó en Mexico, si quieres contarme, estaré agradecida (?) :-)

    1. Yay!! I'm so happy, tenia miedo de que se perdiera! En México pasan muchas cosas malas, pero también ocurren cosas muy buenas todos los días! Nada para preocuparse. :)