Saturday, March 16, 2013

Incoming mail from Rep. Dominicana, Australia, Korea, Brazil, USA and China.

Hello my dears! Today I got some really cute mail, starting for this "Cartota" as my postman called (was really funny saw to him trying to ride his bike with this huge envelope!), from Gina Guerrero in Rep. Dominicana, look how cute stuff. She sent me some stationery, this lovely pixel heart and a vintage photo of paris. I'm dreaming! Thank you Gina, I really enjoy all what your sent me, Sure I going to reply you soon!

Then I got this letter from Vikky in Australia, look how lovely penguin stamp!! I love it!
This cute postcard comes from Phoebe in Taiwan, she contacted me via Instagram for making a postcard swap... one of my favorites I guess!
This Air-Mail letter comes from Sandro in Brasil, he's a currently reader of my blog and decided to swap some postcard and a billet who my father took for his collection :(
 Then I meet Kelly from USA! she sent me a letter as a Lettermo Project. She looks like a sweet girl, also she sent me Rilakkuma Stickers and some memo notes.
And finally today got this postcard from Jipon in China, she sent me this awesome post card with extra stamps.
Its all from me, in some days finally I'll going to post some outgoing mail! I miss that post, didn't you?
:D all my love and thank you to my new penpals for sent me a really cute stuff. xxxo, ely


  1. Fatástico, llegó bastante rápido también :D me alegra que te gustara, lo envié con mucha ilusión de que así fuera. Todo lo que recibiste está genial y la carta de Kelly se ve chulísima con esa encantadora papelería :D

  2. Yayyyyy, vi mi postal en tus entradas anteriores. Qué bien que te gustara, haha ^_^ Qué bonita la que te envió Phoebe, yo me iré a Corea a vivir en Septiembre, así que ya iré ayudando en tu colección de postales coreanas ^^ El corazón pixelado es muy bonito hah, hace tiempo se puso de moda aquí también :) Espero que estés pasando un buen Marzo <3 Qué ganas de que venga la primavera, verdad?

    Un beso,


  3. Lovely mail! I received your letter last week, it's up on the blog. Thank you so much for the amazing little book and the OWLSOME brooch!! :) Those bird stamps are so cute! (The last ones and the penguin one!)

  4. what a cute mail! :)

    okay I will write to you!

  5. So much great mail you have recieved! :D

  6. Holaaa!! Esta súper bonito todo lo que recibiste! Que suerte!! :)