Thursday, March 28, 2013

A movie to see...

Hello my dear readers, Im sorry for not posted anything interesting this days, but this are a really sad days the flu decides visit my door when I'm off of the school for a week... so I spend my days watching movies and sleeping (alot)... I want to recomend, maybe one of my favorite movies so far... As a good penpal maybe you know it.
Mary and Max is a piece of art!
If you dont know it yet, the best thing that you can do is not finish to read this and see the movie now! well is my best advice for you! And if you know the movie, tell me what you think about it and recomend me a new movie to see because I pass a lot of time in bed...
Ps. I'm sorry to my penpals for not reply your letters, I'll do it soon, I dont want to send my virus in a paper to all over the world...
xxxx, take care, ely.


  1. Aaaah, que te mejoras, querida Ely!! Un abrazo!

  2. Thanks for the movie tip, I'll check it out :)
    I want to recommend The Chronicles of Narnia (never gets old) and Japanese animation movies by the director Hayao Miyazaki, I love those!
    Feel better soon!