Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outgoing mail...

Starting this week with beautiful letters to reply, here is my outgoing mail! :) how are you guys!? Im fine, with a lot of ideas to writing! Im so excited about that! So, with no more to say, I send out to USA, Poland, UK, Portugal and Canada.! Enjoy your week! 
I have a question for you! what's your favorite stuff to receive in the mail?
xxxooo, ely. 


  1. wow, awesome mail. i hope you have been having a great week so we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow and up to 40 mph winds.

  2. My favourite stuff is... a long letter! I mean, I like a lot nice envelopes and nice paper, but the most important for me is the message. I'm afraid I'm not too much into Kawaii...

  3. I love how much effort you put in every single piece of mail you send out :)
    To answer your question.. The things I like to receive, besides a long letter.. are random paper bits, pressed flowers and leaves, and anything random that tells a story :3 xx