Sunday, February 10, 2013

Incoming from UK and Singapore and Introduce a new PenPal.

Hello my dears! How are you this weekend? Mine are kind of weird but fine. I want to thank you because I have 100 followers now. It makes me so happy and keeps me motivated to keep doing nice things for you!

After some time, I got this art-mail from Savannah in UK! She sent me some tags/stickers and a lovely letter with a girl in the back, she is a great artist!
This one, is from Choon Lee in Singapore, he contact me from Postrossing for a open swap. :) I love this kind of letters because always have extra stamps for me, in this case it was 20 stamps from Singapore. Great!

The other important thing that I want to share with you is that my best friend Andy finally opened her Mail Blog, she want to found new pen-friends to exchange letters, its a very creative person, she loves drawing, stickers, vintage stuff, and Art... I know is like my soulthmate! 
You would like go to her blog?
Take care! ely.

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