Friday, December 14, 2012

Incoming mail from Finland, UK, USA and Mexico.

Hello my dear readers! Today I was going to post about my outgoing mail of this week, but I completely forgot take a picture of the envelopes. :( anyway I sent to USA and Germany. 
This is my incoming mail this week. 

This letter is from Cheetah in Finland, Christmas stamps and super cute postcard of Santa in a little boat with a christmas tree.
 Then I received this from Jennifer in UK, she is my new pen pal and wrote a super cute letter. I reply you soon Jennifer! Thank you :))
 Also received this from my new pen pal David in USA. He sent me a nice christmas card with a few photos..
Then I received this swap from Curious Letters, with some goodies and a super cute christmas card, I love the flags!
And this postcards, my best friend bought me, are from Amalfi in Italy. 
I completely in love with this, looks vintage.
all from me! This weekend I have to go to school to finish my finals. I'm sad about that!
Happy weekend for you.
ahahah! I love this.


  1. OMG! Es interesante ver como llegan mis cartas >ω< que bueno que te haya gustado ~ ♥

  2. Lovely Incoming mail!!! All the Christmas cards are really cute.

  3. It seems that your mail box was happy this week! Lovely mail you've got there! :)

  4. Oh I'm really glad it arrived after all! :)