Saturday, October 13, 2012

Incoming and random things from UK and Poland,

This week the mail was so calm ^^ I received just three letters (but I only have a pic of 2, sorry) and I have to reply three of them and sent another four so, my weekend is going to be mail replies and homework... YES! 

Well this letter is from my Dear penpal Anne in UK... she sent me some markers and pencils who I use  inmediately ^^ a handbag notes, a postcard and some stickers ^^ 
And this one is from Sonia in Poland, she sent me some poland coins an a beautiful postcard with a lovely quote: 
I paint flowers so they will not die.
Frida Kahlo.

I want to add some random pictures of my weird life ^^ This is my cat... yes, is as weird as me ^^ 
and below we have to Oliverio la Aceituna... It's my favorite random caracter today, funny isn't it?
And finally I bought this Hello Kitty Mail Wipes... and yes, the little package had a stamp! I saw it in the market and I laugh OMG a wet wipes mailed! ._. My dad just looked at me and said ok... just take it! 
well I leave you guys,I back soon ^^ when I finish my replies ^^ happy weekend!
xxoo, ely.

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