Sunday, October 14, 2012

Día de muertos!

yay! this is my favorite mexican holiday ^^ I love see all the sugar skulls on the shops! Sadly I cant sent it to my penpals...  but I bought this for them! I would hope send it soon! ^^ If you want one, just tell me ^^

happy mail week! 


  1. El dia de los muertos is one of the things that most fascinates me about mexican culture! The sugar skeleton couple in the second picture look lovely ^_^

  2. Hola Ely!! me encantan las imágenes del Día de Muertos que celebran en tu Mexico! Con gusto acepto una de esas calacas simpáticas!
    De paso te cuento que tengo listo un sobre para tí, que mañana toma carrerita para allá! Besos!

  3. También es mi celebración favorita! *v* aunque yo prefiero las calaveras de chocolate! soy adicta jajaja X3

  4. I would love one.
    please email me to
    In return i think i can send you a sugar skull postcard!
    thanks Ria. new to your blog!

  5. Ely here is my post....

  6. Happy Halloween! Are those bookmarks? They are so pretty! I would love one really! :D Bree xx