Tuesday, August 7, 2012

incoming mail!!

 Well before go to school again I been lazy soo lazy >.< I had a lot of letters to write and I'm not finish yet! so I wanna show you my incoming mail for this week and part of the last! ^^ I really happy because I received a beautifuls letters :D so This is the first from my dear penpal Dawid from Poland ^^ I dont remember what I send him but, I thing that was a similar things! ^^ I love this litles coins and flags!
  Then, I received this from sendsomething.net ^^ Its a really awesome postcard!

This letter is from Caddi in Germany ^^ I love read in Spanish from Germany ^^ 

Then yesterday I received this from Vero in Spain I love Hello Kitty ^^ she always is very creative in what she doing! and I learn so many things with her letters! I really love her!!
 And finally I got this beautifull envelope from China, it's a swap who Li Yang invited me and today finally arrieved after 3 months traveling! isn't it great?!


  1. mwaaah! me alegro que te guste la cartita y los regalinos dentro.
    Ha tardado bastante en llegar, no? La anterior había llegado más rápido... pero supongo que como aquí estamos en vacaciones de verano... quizás en correos esten cortos de personal.
    Lo importante es que ha llegado y te ha gustado.

  2. Great, that you received my letter! I'm waiting for letter from you. :)

  3. Awesome mail! ;D hope you're having a fun week!


  4. Wow, that letter from china is amazing!