Saturday, June 14, 2014

Monthly Must Haves: May 2014

Hi guys! How are you today! I know its almost middle of the month but I have to do this anyway!
  • Black was the May color, a lot of things happens, my black cat Pete pass away the first week and I feel really sad about that, so I take his color as tribute, he was a really amazing cat, I wish could have more time with him... :)
  • Well, also I went to mexico city and bought some amazing stuff from there, which are my faves for this month too, I dont put them on this because you already saw what I got from there!
  • I found another frame like the blue one of the last month, I put on it my favorite postcard of the month, of course Batman! I just love it! :)
  • Also I was drawing a lot with sharpie, so he is my best friend now :)).
  • I got a ton of stickers, I'm just obsessed with it!
  • The nail polish is Black mate, I love how it looks with shiny clothes and some of my favorite bracelets!

I already told you that I have a dried flowers collection, It's growing up so fast thats my finds from May! Also I make a new personal stickers... and some random stuff that I been using a lot, including that lovely pen!
See you guys, Love from Mexico, 

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