Saturday, April 12, 2014

Queretaro's haul! 2

Hello my people, how are you been!? As you know I went to one of my favorite cities in my country Queretaro, always have something new to see, or to buy, the sourvenirs are really inexpensive and everything is just awesome! I want to post where I've been but I had a LOT of pictures and I need to put all in order to make the post, so, I going to show you what I got from there and then in some days I'll put the photos of my travel.  
*Well I found some cute stones and Opalos, I'm obsessed with those things, so random and pretty!
*Then my friends and I found a Handmade candy store, are super yummy and the package is super cute. 
*You know how much I love postcards, I got some for my penpals and I found this 3D postcards, they looks like a dream... and some old stamps that I got in the way.
* Also the guys of the congress gave us a Kit full of stuff like a Notebook, t-shirt and some other goodies.
And finaly this goodies from my favorite designers ever!
Loooots of love from Mexico.
Ely.... xxxx


  1. Ely, everything is so pretty!! I love the little bottle with rocks *_*

    I'm so happy you had a great time <3 and I hope my letter reaches you soon, I miss you!!

    1. :) I miss you too fav! I hope it not takes too long to arrive here!
      I'm obsessed with rocks recently, I just can't stop buying those little things there!