Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monthly Must Haves: April 2014

Hello, hello my dear people!! :) another month just pass away, I think my time goes really fast, I mean School is killing me with a lot of things to do and I only enjoy my time in home <3, normal stuff... anyway, I want to show you what are my must haves for april. :D

-Color of the month!!  I'm obsessed with this color, Always I love it, but this month I bought some goodies just because! :)
-I found this frame some days ago, was a huge surprise for me because, its soo beautiful and super cheap, I decided put on it my favorite Postcard that I received this month, I think it looks really good on it! :)
-My favorite nailpolish; Sea Siren
-In my garden are growing those little Jasmine flowers, I like go out early at morning, because they bloom in night and take two or three to put them next to my bed... then all my room smells amazing. <3
-My favorite pen at the moment, and some other supplies.
 -Other thing that I've been using alot is the little notebook, who Anastasia sent me from Russia, I decided to use them to put all my dried flowers.
-Also I used in my bag the keychain who Rachel sent me.
-My fave candle for this month is Vanilla!
-The little yellow purse that I bought from queretaro its really useful. I carry my pendrives on it and some change when I go out.
-And finally, some coins.
So tell me my dears, what were your April must-haves! n.n
xxxxx, ely.

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  1. Amo esas fotos, todas las que estás subiendo con composiciones como estas son maravillosas :D besos...