Friday, March 7, 2014

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014; Received!

Hello my dear friends, today I'll going to show you something for I've waited a lot! Some few days ago, reached my Parcel from my Partner Rachel in the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt... And, I mean, my first package was amazing but this, I really loved everything what my partner sent.... 
The fist one that I opened was this Gift from my partner, she sent me a super cute Keychain with my letter on it... looks like kind of vintage!
Then I opened "Something Old-Fashioned", I enjoyed this part because I collect Postcards, and my faves are the vintage ones, and then I realize that the awesome envelope was full of postcards!... <3 some of them with stamps and a story to tell...  
Then comes the "Journal Kit" who includes a Journal, provably I'll going to use for a story or something like that I don't know yet, I love write so, it's perfect... also have some lil packages of crayons and two vintage pens.
Also had "Something that represents ME" She sent me two Vynil/CD's with mix that she made, because Rachel loves Music... :) will be my music for this weekend :D
 Then I found this lovely present with "Something made of Fabric" She made this lovely purse with my name on it... <3 and includes my favorite postcard ever inside, with some illustrations, how cute!!
And last but not least, the "Mail Art Kit" she put together a huge envelope with a bunch of stamps, stickers, leaves, Handmade envelopes, and pages of an old book!
That's all in this awesome package, we was really worried about it, because took a lot of time to arrives and we tought it got lost in time and space... but finally arrives and makes me very happy because I love every single thing on it! 
Well I hope you're fine, and if you participated in this project enjoyed your package so much as me! 
Lots of love from Mexico. 


  1. Oh this looks amazing! Now i feel bad that i haven't joined but i couldn't find the time to make a package! :)

  2. i'm so glad it finally reached you and that you liked all of it. i was really proud of what i put together :)