Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monthly Must Haves: March 2014

Hello my people! Today I going to do this new entry about my March must-haves! 

*In first place are  this new shoes, just a normal flats, very comfortable in color menta and coral... 
*Then is that purse that I found in pull & bear... <3<3<3<3 
*Ahhh also I bought a new glases, last ones were broken by accident... I got a new cellphone too ^^ 
*Some other random stuff like that super cute candle, made by a local guys who sell those in the art market... some other goodies that I found in the marked are that ring and earings.
*My favorite nail polish is turquesa... and my fave color for lips this month is shiny red!
*My favorite pen in the whole world, sended by Rachel, looks like eco-pen.
*And finally the postcard of my next trip the next week to Queretaro, I´m so excited and impatient for it!

So tell me my dears, what were your March must-haves! n.n

xxxxooo, love,


  1. Waw, those are some really cute things! I love that pen, it looks really amazing! And it probably writes smoothly and amazing as well :)

  2. I had lots of must-haves in March because our tax will go up as of April 1st. It was a great reason for me to buy lots of lettersets and postcards (my husband complained a bit though because I stole one of his shelves for my letter stuff. lol). Have a fun trip! :)

  3. Ahhh me encantan las alpargatas :D ¿le dicen así en México? Son fabulosasssss...

  4. Hello Ely:

    I wish you the best in your trip to Querétaro next week. I'm sure you'll also enjoy the nice weather we got all year! Aún te debo una contestación a tu carta, ¿lo recuerdas?