Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lets Travel: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Hello my beautiful people, today I want to tell you more about my last trip to Guadalajara Mexico as some of you know... I went to a Design Congress "Design Fest"... and you know hang out to see the city, It was my second time in Guadalajara but, this time I really ENJOY  the city alot!! I love everything, I mean the Hotel was awesome, the food, the streets, the museums, and the little town called Tlaquepaque was simply amazing with "Las Fiestas de Octubre" this is what I want to show you... my beautiful country!
 (I apologize for the quality of some pictures, but I only had my phone to take pictures, I forgot my camera)

 My Hotel San Francisco Plaza
"Hochos" and "Tortas Ahogadas"
Beverage of rice with strawberries (<3) - I won that Print by EggPicnic of a beauty Jukumari Bear!

Tlaquepaque Jalisco
Is this way how you imagine Mexico? 
have a nice week! lots of love, ely!


  1. Al fín te leo de nuevo :D me encantan los patios interiores ¿tuviste el chance de sentarte allí a descansar un ratito? Aunque cuando uno viaja por lo general no para. Por cierto, muy bonitas las estatuas... Un abrazo Ely, tu carta no quiere llegar :´(

  2. Si Yina! Cada que llegábamos de algún lado siempre nos relajábamos en esas salitas, son muy cómodas y tenían en mejor WiFi! n.n Creo que volveré a enviar esa cartita no te preocupes!

  3. Yes, this is how I imagined Mexico to be. Thank you for sharing your trip.....Looks like you had wonderful time.....