Tuesday, August 6, 2013

La Marqueza, México.

This is one of the places I've been recently, and one of the most beautiful I have seen also. Some beautiful pine forests and near the meadow with a lake, ideal for fishing or swimming. La Marquesa, near Mexico City, is a place to have a good time, have a picnic, enjoy the family ... and for me, a great place to collect flowers, stones and feathers. I can not ask for anything more.
If you'll come someday to My Country, you have to visit this place. 
xxxx, ely. 


  1. Yo quiero ir ahí, está súper lindo para pasar un buen rato y coleccionar momentos ^^

  2. Waw, that seems like such a lovely place, Ely <3

  3. ...just browsing through some blogs today, and came across yours :) Love the mail you send, and wowie- the photos above are beau-ti-ful!

  4. :) what a beautiful blog .. if you want to add me I will follow
    in early ;)