Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Incoming, Outgoing and Flickr.

 Helo you! ^^ I want to show you some of my outgoing and incoming mail and invite you to check out in what I been working all this time ^^

As you know I love draw, and I took all this time to experiment... that's why I don't post very often, but I really started to miss my penpals alot! So I send some postcars, packages and letters, not all, but some of them :) If you sent me something in this time, I'm really glad if you let me know, I was out of home for some weeks, and I dont know if my mailman brought letters in those days... Im so worried about that, because I think these letters were lost.... If you sent something for a month or two, let me know, in that way I can know what I received and what I was missed...

If you want to see my work... check my Flickr

Incoming mail form Russia and Singapore... and UK stamps <3
Outgoing mail to Italy, Rep. Dominicana, Spain, Mexico, Russia and Germany.
Thank you so much for the support, xxxx, ely.


  1. Muero porque llegue mi carta :D yeyyyyyyy... ^^

  2. Everthing in your flickr is so pretty! Please never stop drawing because you're amazing at it! ♥

    Oh and is that my name over there? :3 yay!

  3. Just like Fab, I am quite amazed with your drawings.....Loved all the art work by you.

    I hope you keep drawing such wonderful stuff.

  4. everything is wonderful as always. love looking at your blog posts. hope you are well.
    Love Ria