Thursday, April 4, 2013

Incoming from The Love Parcel

Hello my dear readers! How are you this week? I'm fine with a lot of amazing work to do for school! ^^
Well I received a super lovely parcel this monday from Miranda "The Love Parcel". She sent me a lot of super cute vintage/ephemera stuff in a lovely luggage envelope and a handmade album of dried flowers that I'll going to show you in another post...
Started with this, a small letter in a bunny stationery, tags, a chocolate and a really cute porcelain brooch.
Inside them contains four cards with vintage designs.
This is what each contains.
Cute, isn't it? I loooove all, maybe I'll paste all of them in a new vintage scrapbook that I pretend to made.
Thank you so much for the comments of my last post, I apreciated all what you said! If we're penpals and you want a mexican blooklet, tell me in your next letter. :) I would love made one for you... :)
Love from mexico, xxxx,ely.


  1. The black and white girl in the last pic comes from the cover of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children". I have the book and put the cover aside to use it for arts & crafts too.