Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flowers in my mail from USA, Lithuania, Brazil, New Zeland, Moldova and Czech Republic.

Hey you! how are you?  Me... I think so relax! even the school is so chill this days (strange) I dont know why! I love this season also I got some presents for christmas that and bought! Before end this week I want to put my christmas tree and some stuff in my home even in my room... Well,  got some mail of the pass week and this one; and already replied all of them.

I got mail from "el escriba celestial" in Brazil, I love all in the envelope, the leaf is a really cute detail, I enjoy when my penpals sent me leaves or flowers... is adorable. And the stamp is awesome.
Then I got my package from Kelsey in USA, my Advent Calendar. I'm a very curious person, so I cannot wait for December to open it. I did it, I'll show you in Christmas!!

Then I recived this lovely letter from Moni in Lithuania, talking about flowers and leaves, she sent me this adorable postcard and stickers... I love her country because my first letter it was from a guy in lithuania, thats what I love the snail mail.
And finally I got some postcards from New Zeland, Moldova and Czech Republic... look at the stamps...!
middle of the week! this is it!
kisses from Mexico to all of you!


  1. I also got my Advent Calendar swap package yesterday! I can't wait to open them! I wish I could just rip off my November calendar so that is's December and I can start opening the presents! :D

  2. the advent cal swap looks exciting, i havent received from my partner yet, i am so impatient, i can hardly wait LOL
    Cant wait for you to share your advent goodies with us as you open them!

  3. You was very lucky to receive a postcard from Moldova. I hope I'll also get one someday. Have a great weekend!

  4. snif!! como que mi cartita no ha llegado a destino? :(
    Si quieres enviame un email para comprobar mi direccion... que pena! Odio cuando las cartas se devuelven, aunque es aún más triste cuando se pierden para siempre.
    Un besote