Saturday, September 1, 2012

Incoming mail :)

Well this is my mail for this week, was pretty creative ^^ I receive very beautiful envelopes and stamps ñ.ñ
this is from Eli in Argentina, its my first letter from South.America and I love the handmade vintage postcard! 

 This is from Mary in USA, she send me a lovely bookmark, and other little things for my scrapbook! :)

 I receive this letter from Canada, I really love vintage postcards! <3

 This is from Theresa in USA my new penpal, I'm really happy when I received her letter :) she sent me a really awesome photo... I like seen the work of my penpals, and she is very creative in photography... I really like her work!

 Well, by the way I received this from Sendsomething :) A reply from Finland... I could not believe when I saw this super cute envelope, and the stamp, it's just beautifull <3  inside were two postcards from a museum in Finland.! :) thank you Maija! 

Today, I receive this postcard from Sendsomething, its a postcard from Macedonia... <3

  I wanna show you what I bought today ^^ I'm in love with all this kawaii things ^^

Happy mail week!!


  1. Aww so kawaii! I love the paperclips and the bunn erasers *_*
    You incoming mail was really colorful, I love that :) and that finnish stamp with the aurora is gorgeous!!

  2. This finnish stamp is a-we-some! I'm in love with it :D

  3. Ely! qué bueno que te gustara! y más que nada, me alegra que haya llegado ok! Enjoy your happy mail :)

  4. Lovely and very creative mail! And love the kawaii stationery you bought. :3