Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Things ^^

Well this week only I receive 3 letters ^^ so, it was make a little post about that, but then I decide wait for the next week! So I going to post what I do in this days, I was very busy because I had alot of work on school! So I wanna show you! ^^ (Sorry about the quality of the photographs, but taken with my phone!)

I was wake up very early to make this drawings with pastel pencils, for my class, experimental techniques! :) I'm fall in love with World Of Warcraft...( yea ._. Im a gamer girl...) So, I draw to Sir Thrall and the famous Night Elf... 

Then I make those little bags of happy tea! for my penpals <3 :) If you wanna one just tell me ^^ 

And then I spend my time seeing tumblr... and I found this image... yeah I know, weird... but I can't stop seen!!! >w<
ahahaha... I wanna be a unicorn!


  1. Haha, that last GIF is very intriguing indeed! I FINALLY bought some new stamps, they should be arriving soon so then I can send my part of our little swap to you :) I'm so excited to know what you think about it!

    (by the way, my boyfriend is a real gamer too, and he would looove these kind of drawings haha!)

  2. Haha! Gif is so funny! Happy tea is great too! I'm going to write you a letter but it's a little hard (first letter didn't come and I don't know so much about you! :P). Take a care! David :)

  3. Wow Ely your art is always wonderful!!! Seriously, I'm a fan :) And the little baggies of ta are super cute, if you'll still have any, I reserve one for myself with the next letter eheh :D

    Oh and the gif is hilarious xD