Monday, August 20, 2012

Post-Cards from Italy

^^ Hello everyone! well this week I cant sent anything :( I'm so busy right now! but I received a lovely mail, and this days I show you the mail who I made tonight!  ^^ Soo... 

well this letter is from Laura in Italy she send me a bunch of stamps <3 and a postcard where she lives! I love it the scenery!
Then this is a swap from USA, Alex ask me if I want to swapping postcards and she sent me this beautiful postcard of New England... I really love it!
 This letter is from Crystal in USA my dear penpal! she send me a bracelet and the other one is with her ^^
And today arrived this 3 postcards from Indonesia and Itally ^^


  1. Ohh! Jan Paweł II polish pope. :) Postcards are really beautiful!