Sunday, July 8, 2012

 Hello everyone! This week was amazing for me, I received a lot of things, had a lot of work and and I sent a lot of letters too, but that comes next!! ^^ Well I start with this letter, comes from WackyStuff from Canada, he found me in Sendsomething and sent me a bunch of weird stickers ^^ (I love stickers by the way) :P and a strange postcard. I love the random and strange things in a envelope!!

This is from a private swap with Tigot from Uzbekistan :3 he sent me a recipes, stamps and postcards.

Postcard with a really cute stamp, from Plarkjul in Netherlands ^^

And finally, I get my package from Package Pal! I never received a package before because I'm relative new in PenPals and swaps ^^ and This Is Amazing! I love all things in them :3! Thanks to my new Penpal, Louise from UK, I send her a surprise this next week :3


  1. Love your blog! Very colourful!

  2. Wow! Uzbekistan! :D I love mysterious countries... ^^ By the way, I will send letter to you tommorow.

  3. Package Pal reveal day isn't until July 20. That means you aren't supposed to post pictures of your package until that day....

    but it's ok.